Our motto, “The Mortgage Lender You Know,” sums up our Mission Statement:

“Superior Lending Associates will provide outstanding mortgage brokerage services to our clients and loan officers by:

Offering the best customer service.
This implies communicating effectively and ensuring that every client leaves the closing table satisfied. Loan officers and customers are treated with care and respect and are provided a clear channel to express concerns or suggestions for improvement.

Adhering to the principles of honesty and integrity.
We deliver on what we promise— every time. We believe this is a key to longevity as a company and to maintaining the good reputation we have earned to date.

Hiring experienced loan officers committed to the same high ideals.
Most errors in our industry are caused by a lack of education, training, or just “time on the job.” Our loan officers are not in a “learn from their mistakes” stage of their career and are provided the tools they need to stay on top of an ever-changing market.”

Superior Lending Associates, LC was started in 2001 by Miles Pitcher. The idea of creating a group of highly experienced “superior associates” providing equally superior customer service formed the basis of the company ideal and has driven our growth since.

Since 2001 the Company has expanded to become one of the largest in Utah, funding 10's of millions of dollars in loans and servicing thousands of customers across the West.

We look forward to extending our presence nationally and helping many more people enjoy a more complete life through home ownership and financial stability!